Hart & Stone jewelry is made by hand on Salt Spring Island, off the west coast of Canada, designed and led by Emily Hartwell Reynolds. Our team takes the beauty of the Earth and handcrafts those elements into wearable memories. Our customers care about investing in sustainable, high quality items, which is why we take incredible care and intention with each individual piece. Our passion is in making what is beautiful, in a WAY that is beautiful- using ethical sourcing, recycled metals, and insuring that everything we touch deeply represents our love for people, beauty, and nature.


Jewelry for the adventurer, for the one who finds joy in the simple things, for the one who isn’t afraid to occasionally get their hands dirty, for the one who is delighted by details done juuuust right, for the one who relishes in celebrating moments and deeply treasures memories, for the one who cares about themselves and the world around them, for the one who values quality over quantity, and for the one who desires to surround themselves with beauty through the way they exist. Hart & Stone is jewelry for you. 


Artist at heart and maker by passion, Emily Hartwell Reynolds found her love for jewelry creation early on- making pieces from natural elements starting at the age of 12. Born into a family of artists, the love for making things by hand is in her very blood!

Her passion solidified when she realized how much joy jewelry brought people- being able to wear a symbol of meaning. To watch how a pair of beautiful hoops can completely transform an outfit. She was hooked!

Her fascination with the medium of self expression led her to Blanche MacDonald- graduating with a fashion degree, where she learned and honed the ability to create pieces that represented people’s personalities and desires. 

Hart & Stone was founded in 2014, and has been sold in roughly 30 boutiques worldwide. 

Emily carries on the family tradition of makers; hand making jewelry beside her husband who specializes in woodworking (which comes in handy for working together on displays and setting up shows!) The two of them are raising two young, adventurous boys- infusing hard work with the love of nature. 

It is brand born of an admiration for the natural and a giddiness for the power of jewelry to transform how someone moves in the world. 

"We are so thankful you’re here (we read every name that comes through, and would personally hug you if we could!), and can’t wait for you to have a piece of Mother Nature that lasts for years and years to come."